Can mobile advergames amplify the possibilities of brand management?



Can mobile advergames amplify the possibilities of brand management?

15215267959_acc623ede0Advergames are games created around a brand message and are usually designed in order to build brand awareness and teach consumers about a product. With the number of mobile phones now surpassing the number of people, this means ever greater numbers of people have access to digital apps and mobile games. This creates the possibility for different people to play games at any time and in any location. This presents a huge opportunity for brand managers to start thinking about ways to engage consumers through mobile advergames. In this initial work, we have analysed different mobile advergames through content analysis and identified a number of elements that could augment the power of brand management. The extended abstract illustrates a few possibilities for this analysis and the importance of this type of research.


Reference: Wanick, Vanissa, Ranchhod, Ashok and Wills, Gary B. (2014) Effects and opportunities of mobile advergames into brand management and marketing: a content analysis. In, International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2014), London, GB, 10 – 12 Nov 2014. 2pp.




photo credit: iPhone 6 Apps via PhotoPin (License)