What is the influence of culture in advergame design?



What is the influence of culture in advergame design?


Games are powerful tools that engage and motivate people to perform many different tasks. This opens a new paradigm for advertising and interactive marketing in a multicultural world.

In this scenario, advergames emerge as a way to connect with consumers through meaningful interactions. The challenge, however, is to understand such relationship in a cultural setting.

This is the main focus in this conceptual paper where we review significant studies involving advergame design and cross-cultural consumer behaviour. This led to the development of a conceptual framework for the analysis of advergame design on cross-cultural consumer behaviour.

The value and contribution of this paper lies in the framework and the new possibilities for studies that address cultural issues and games.


Reference: Wanick, Vanissa, Ranchhod, Ashok and Wills, Gary (2014) Advergames and meaningful experiences: towards a conceptual framework for contextual advergames for cross-cultural consumer behaviour. In, 4th INTERREG Conference Global Culture and Creativity: from Design to Innovation and Enterprise?, Winchester, GB.

Eprints: http://eprints.soton.ac.uk/id/eprint/371789

photo credit: Macro Globe via photopin (license)